Filmmaker Hides Identity In Wake Of International Uproar

The man behind the mask is reportedly the same behind the anti-Islamic film that triggered violence and chaos in countries around the world. INSIDE EDITION has the latest details on the man's identity.

Call him the invisible man. The California man who sparked an international crisis with his anti-Islam movie was wrapped up so completely when he emerged from inside, that some are comparing him to The Invisible Man character played by Claude Rains in the classic 1933 horror movie.

The filmmaker is being questioned on a possible parole violation and his face is now being seen in publications all around the world. His real name has also been revealed, as Nakoula Basseley Nakoula.

But some observers are coming to his defense, saying no matter how offensive his movie is, he has a right to free speech.

New York Post columnist Andrea Peyser writes that Nakoula was being taken away for questioning  "On a flimsy scare him. And it sent a message of appeasement to maniacs in the Middle East: America is on your side!"

In response, the sheriff's department issued a statement saying:

"We facilitated the pick-up on behalf of federal probation."

Federal authorities are investigating whether the low budget movie Nakoula made violated terms of his probation for financial crimes because he was forbidden to use the internet or a phony name.

Meanwhile, another actress from the movie is coming forward to say she was duped by the filmmaker. Lily Dionne says she had no idea the film she was appearing in was anti-islam.

"He's taken advantage of so many people and caused so much pain and grief," said Dionne. "All of the actors were saying the same thing. 'Look, we were duped.' "

Today, riots continue to rage in 20 countries and many in the U.S. are feeling jittery. And a teenager named Adel Daoud appeared in federal court today, charged with trying to detonate a car bomb outside a Chicago bar last Friday night.

With violence spreading, it's no wonder this filmmaker is apparently wanting to vanish from sight.