Payback For Prankster

The video went viral of a husband pranking his wife into thinking they were about to have a head on collision. Now, INSIDE EDITION helped his wife prank the prankster on national TV.

It was one of the wildest pranks ever caught on tape of a husband pranking his wife into thinking they were about to collide head-on with a truck, but the truck was actually being towed backwards as they traveled down a highway.

Manny Perez is the prankster behind the video that's become a sensation. Everyone feels sorry for Manny's wife Sabra, but she's used to it. Turns out, he pranks her all the time.

"I expect that stuff from him," says Sabra.

In another one of his pranks, Manny had his buddy dress up like a ninja burglar and hide in the bathroom. At another point, he hides in a garbage can, scaring his wife and a friend when they arrive home.

Imagine living with this guy!

"She married a goofball and she accepted it, so I'm lucky!" said Manny.

Sabra says she's tried to get her revenge several times but always fails. So when they stopped by the INSIDE EDITION studios for their first interview, we thought we'd help Sabra get a little well-deserved pay back.

In the middle of our interview, we told Manny he needed his make-up touched-up. But instead of powder, our make-up artist put black eye-shadow all over his face.

Manny had no idea he looked like a chimney sweep while he bragged that nobody could prank him.

INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd asked "How come she's never been able to prank you?"

"I'm always on alert!" said Manny.

We invited Manny into an editing room to watch the interview. He was told it was airing live, keep in mind, Sabra was in on the prank.

"What is this, are you serious!" said Manny in reaction to the prank.

After all those cruel pranks, his long suffering wife finally pranked the prankster. But don't think you've seen the last of this guy.

"It's not over! The war has begun!" said Manny.