Kate Middleton Wins Lawsuit Against Magazine That Printed Topless Photos

Big news for Princess Kate as she won a lawsuit over a French magazine that posted topless photos of her. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

Kate Middleton danced with joy after a historic courtroom victory involving those shocking topless photos.

A French judge ruled Tuesday that the magazine that first published the pictures must hand them over.

Kate had sued the magazine, Closer. The judge ruled that Kate and William could legitimately have supposed that the French villa where they were staying was "sheltered from prying eyes." He said the topless photos were "particularly intrusive."

Royal expert Victoria Arbiter told INSIDE EDITION, "These images are there for the end of time, unless somebody is able to come in and completely wipe the internet clean. Unlikely. But, William has set a precedent for the future that this type of journalism won't be tolerated."

The villa was estimated to be more than half-a-mile from the spot where paparazzi was standing to take the topless shots.

Photography Professor Chris Corradino showed INSIDE EDITION’s Megan Alexander the kind of lens that would have been required to shoot Kate at the remote French villa.

As Alexander stood on one side of the Hudson River in New York, Corradino positioned himself clear across the river in New Jersey and started shooting. Even from such a distance, the photos were very sharp.

Kate got news of her legal victory over the topless photos as she and William were wrapping up their visit to the South Pacific. She seemed over the moon as she and William took part in a hula-style dance.

Arbiter said, "There is no question that a tremendous weight has been lifted from William and Kate' shoulders. It was great to see them up dancing, enjoying each other, laughing, really getting into the spirit of things. So, I think they are very happy with today's verdict."