Whitney Houston Disappoints Again

Whitney Houston's latest comeback concert was another disaster for the pop icon. INSIDE EDITION has the latest from England.

Another disastrous performance for Whitney Houston. The pop icon simply could not hit the high notes at her first concert on the European leg of her world tour.

"Tired and erratic" said The Independent, about Houston's performance Tuesday night in Birmingham, England.

"Whitney flops. Time and substances haven't been kind to her once astonishing voice," said the London Sun.

A reviewer in The Mirror wrote that Whitney, "Appeared to struggle, bursting into rambling speeches."

As Whitney struggled through her set, concertgoers were reportedly heard booing and some even demanded their money back. The troubled singer postponed three concerts last week because of an upper respiratory infection and sand to the crowd that she still has a cold.

A shaky start to what was supposed to be Whitney's big comeback.