Morning Mayhem As Sextuplets Begin Kindergarten

The famous sextuplets are starting kindergarten and INSIDE EDITION was there for the morning chaos of trying to get 6 children ready for their first day of school.

Florida's famous sextuplets are starting kindergarten.

It's a big milestone for the little ones, as they join in the mayhem and head to their very first class. They looked like big kids now as one-by-one they filed through to pick up their milk and snacks.

It's a big change from what they looked like when America first met the family, back when mom Karoline Byler was pregnant with her little six pack.

INSIDE EDITION was there when the sextuplets were born. One girl and five boys: Eli, Brady, Ryan, Jackson, Charlie, and the only girl, Mackenzie.

And now, the sextuplets are turning five. Byler says they still like to sleep together for the closeness. But, once they wake up, it's utter chaos.

"It's really wild," said the father of six, Ben Byler.

Dad did his best, but herding this bunch isn't easy, and breakfast is a battle.

Time to get dressed, but they have places to go. Everywhere you look it's a stampede. Time to put socks on wiggly little feet. Shoes go on and come right back off.

Just when you think it can't get any wilder, somehow it does. A dance party ensued among the kdis. The dog joined in, and the cat made a quick getaway as a chase broke out. The look on mom's face said it all.

Suddenly, the sextuplets focus on the INSIDE EDITION camera crew, and we were in for it.

Dad came to the rescue and a kid roundup ensues. And, much to Mackenzie's dismay, her hair was going to be brushed before school.

Just when it seemed all was lost, backpacks went on and the gang piled out the door, heading to their first day of kindergarten.

The family car looks more like a bus. It isn't long before the big moment arrived, the sextuplets head off to class. Three to one classroom, three to another, so no one teacher will be saddled with all six.

"Six would be a bit too much for a teacher. It's too much for me," said Byler.

Back home on the couch, mom is worn out, but happy to take her first break. But soon, the sextuplets will be home, and it's a tornado, times six.