Mountain Lion Prank Sparks 911 Call

A woman called 911 when she saw a large mountain lion lying in her neighbor's backyard, only to find out that it was a stuffed animal prank. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

It's the mountain lion sighting that had a frantic neighbor calling 911.

911 Operator: "911 emergency."

Caller: "I'm looking what appears to be a giant mountain lion lying on somebody's patio table."

Beverly Bradham was standing on her balcony in Laguna Beach, California, when she got the scare of her life-a mountain lion appeared to be sleeping in her neighbor's yard.

911 Operator: "You say that it looks like a mountain lion?"

Bradham: "A big one, really big. I'm like, really nervous right now."

"I looked over on to my neighbor's patio and I was blown away by what I saw," Bradham told INSIDE EDITION.

Bradham desperately tried to warn her neighbor, Doug, when he arrived home. We started screaming, "Get back into your car. Get back into your car," said Bradham.

"Beverly is shouting dramatically, 'Do not go in your garden. You are going to be eaten. There is a moutain lion,'" said Doug.

It turns out it was all a gag. Prankster Doug had placed a stuffed mountain lion in his yard to shock his wife.

"Doug sent a photo, and we started laughing," said Doug's wife.

Once neighbor Beverly learned the vicious cat was just a big stuffed animal, she had to call 911 again.

Beverly:  "It is an artifical stuffed mountain lion. I am so sorry."

911 Operator: "Oh you poor thing."

And, is Bradham angry about her beastly scare? "I was mad for like 2 seconds, and then I just kept laughing," she said. "That's when I realized, maybe the joke's on me."