Lost Girl Found

It was a happy ending for Nadia Bloom, an 11-year-old mildly autistic girl who was lost in alligator-infested swampland outside Orlando, Florida, for five days. James King went on a solo search for Nadia, and miraculously, he found her! INSIDE EDITION

It's a joyous end to a desperate search through an alligator-infested swamp, and it's all thanks to a go-it-alone hero.

"Hey, I've got her, I've got Nadia!" James King told a 911 operator.

"It was rough. I definitely wouldn’t recommend anyone gong back in there," King tells INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander of his experience finding Nadia in the swamp.

11-year-old Nadia Bloom, who is mildly autistic, had been missing for five days. She wandered off into the woods near her home outside Orlando, Florida, and vanished.

The area that searchers had to cover was immense and daunting. WKMG reporter Nicole Pesecky trekked in to show INSIDE EDITION what searchers were up against.

James King decided to try to find Nadia on his own, and against all odds, in this massive swampland, he found her.

The Woods are so dense here it's hard to see anyone; you can only imagine what it would be like at night for her, a complete nightmare," said Pesecky.

King decided to try to find Nadia on his own.  

"She was not panicked she was very calm when I showed up, and she seemed very matter of fact," he tells Megan Alexander.

King called 911, and the stunned operator couldn't believe he'd actually found Nadia.

911 Operator: "Sir, you're in contact with her?"

King: "I'm holding her right now, yeah. She's okay, she's got bites all over her, she's got some scratches. She's very lucid. She has no major injuries, just exposure."

King: "I'm going to give her some liquids; I've got some stuff prepared for her."

King: [To Nadia] "An apple?"

Nadia: "Sure, I'd like an apple. I'd love an apple."

King: "I brought an apple just for you, Nadia."

Nadia: "Thank you."

King: "You're welcome.

King: "Hey, Nadia, look what I got for ya - I got some chocolate milk."

Nadia: "Yay!"

The operator was amazed at how cheerful Nadia sounded.

Operator: "Sir, can I talk to Nadia?"

King: "Yes. Nadia, would you like to talk to the police man who's been trying to find you?"

Nadia: "Oh, sure."

Nadia: "Hi, this is Nadia and I'm the girl who got lost."

Operator: "Nadia, are you okay? You're not hurt in any way?"

Nadia: "Yeah, I hurt. What's your name?"

The hero even brought toilet paper, but not for the obvious reason.

Nadia: "You got toilet paper?"

King: "Yeah, well, I brought toilet paper so that I could make a sign for people who are looking for us."

Before Nadia and King left the site, King asked for a souvenir.

King: "Nadia, can I take your picture?"

Nadia: "Sure!"

King: "I love you, Nadia."

Nadia's arms and legs were covered in bug bites as she was carried out of the woods and taken to a waiting ambulance.

Nadia was taken to a local hospital.

King's eye is still bloodshot from the treacherous undergrowth.

He says God led him to find Nadia

"I was very thankful that I knew that I had been listening and hearing God's voice," King told Alexander.

King's wife Diana, who's expecting their sixth child, says, "He's my hero. He's incredible."