14-Year-Old Boy Kills Parents

It's a horrifying 911 call from a 14-year-old boy who tells the operator that he has no idea why he just shot both of his parents. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

A 14-year-old boy wailed uncontrollably in the back of a police car just minutes after he shot his parents to death.

Moments earlier, the boy called 911.

911 Operator: "Ok, what is your name?"

Alex: "Alex."

911 Operator: "Alex, what is going on?"

Alex: "My parents are shot."

911 Operator: "Your parents are shot?"

Alex: "Yes."

911 Operator: "Ok, who shot your parents?"

Alex: "I did."

Alex Crain told the 911 operator he did it.

911 Operator: "Are they breathing?"

Alex: "I don't know. I hit my father in the shoulder and I don't know where I hit my mom. I don't know why I did it."

Lying inside the bathroom of the family's home in Naples, Florida were Alex's parents, 39-year-old Kelly and 40-year-old Thomas. The 911 Operator told Alex to call out for his mother.

Alex: "Mom. Mom. Mom. Answer me, mom."

But there would be no answer. Both parents were dead.  Alex realized this in the back of the police cruiser.  

Alex cried out: "I swear I didn't mean to kill them. What the [blank] is wrong with me?"

911 Operator: "Were you upset with your parents?"

Alex: "No, I wasn't upset. I didn't mean for this to happen. Now they're dead."

Alex was taken to the Naples police station where his mug shot was taken. He was given food and read his rights. Detectives thought they were about to hear how and why he could have done such a horrible thing.

A detective asked, "Tell me in your own words why you did it."

Suddenly, the wailing kid in the car was all business.

"Shouldn't I have a lawyer?" asked Alex.

And with that, just like in TV cop shows, the detectives left the room. Alex wrapped himself in a blanket for warmth.

Alex just pled guilty and was sentenced to 20 years. Prosecutor Rich Montecalvo said, "Why did he do it? I don't think we will ever know unless Alex Crain decides to tell us."