Thrill Ride Leaves Passengers Hanging For Nearly Four Hours

A day of fun at an amusement park turned into terror for the people who were stranded 300 feet in the air for over 3 hours when a ride malfunctioned. INSIDE EDITION reports.

It's a  thrilling experience. But, the ride known as the Windseeker turned into a thing of terror, trapping 20 people 300 feet in the air for nearly 4 hours.

Day turned to night as the passengers waited with baited breath to be rescued.

And get this, 43-year-old Donna Garrison is afraid of heights. Her husband Jimmy had talked her into going on the Windseeker as a way to get over her fear. Talk about a good idea backfiring.

"There was nowhere to go, and I knew I was stuck here," said Garrison. "I went through the whole thing. I can't move. You freeze, and shake, and hyperventilate."

INSIDE EDITION has learned that the Windseeker at Knott's Berry Farm outside Los Angeles, broke down earlier this month. And it's not an isolated problem. Two dozen people dangled 300 feet above the water in July at Cedar Point, Ohio.

The ride was built at a cost of $5 million, and its a huge draw at amusement parks across the nation.

But, Garrison says don't expect to see her ride on one again.

"I don't like to tempt fate too much, so I'll hold off," said Garrison.

Knott's Berry Farm told INSIDE EDITION they are investigating why the ride's automatic security system shut it down. Adding, the safety of riders is their first priority.