UnArmed Woman Proves To Be A Source Of Inspiration

INSIDE EDITION follows an inspirational young lady who lives her life to the fullest, despite having no arms.

Meet Tisha UnArmed. She's the 26 year old YouTube sensation who's showing the world what it's like to live life without arms.

"Hi, everybody this is Tisha UnArmed and I'm here to answer all of your questions about not having arms," she said in her YouTube video.

In her video, she shows how she takes a shower, washes her legs, and how she uses her chin to carry plates.

She recorded her first video one month ago, and already she has more than 1 million hits.

"I never thought I was going to get 3 hits or 4, but now I'm up to a million," said Tisha.

Tisha, who lives in St. Louis, was born without arms, and quickly learned to use her feet as hands.

"Using my feet was always the answer. That's how I do things," said Tisha.

She's able to do everything everyone else does, including putting on make-up. And, the speed in which she can send a text message is astonishing.
Tisha's mom says her daughter has always been independent saying, "Nothing holds her back, nothing stops her."

And that includes adapting her car so she can drive. "I have a computer with buttons on the back of the head rest that control the turn signal," said Tisha.

If driving with her feet isn't impressive enough, Tisha can even pump her own gas, balancing the nozzle between her chin and shoulder.

Her boyfriend, Jared says she's absolutely inspiring.

"I was so amazed and shocked, I just had to meet her," said Jared.

She can even paint with her feet. One look at Tisha is enought to disarm anyone who's quick to judge.

Tisha said, "Seeing someone without arms may be a shock, but I think it's important for people to be open minded."