Campaign Trail Interrupts Couple's Wedding

The campaign trail blazes ahead for President Obama, and this week it blazed right through one couple's wedding. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

It was just another campaign stop in the battleground state of Iowa for the president, but it meant wedding day disaster for one bride and groom.

Sayli Gibbs had planned her wedding for six months, down to the last cupcake. She chose a beautifully preserved old barn on a historic farm as the setting for her special day. But, just days before the big day, she was told her wedding was in jeopardy.

Gibbs says she was told, "'A special guest was going to come, and I can't tell you who it is.' But, I guessed it was the president."

The scene on the wedding day turned into thousands gathered to see the president. Right behind Obama was the barn where Sayli and Jon had planned to marry.

"I'm thinking of all the worst possible scenarios. We may not even be able to get in there. Everybody's going to have to go through the Secret Service," said Jon.

As the president spoke, Gibbs anxiously waited nearby, holding her wedding dress.

"All the girl's dresses, all my stuff to get ready, my wedding dress—I didn't look out of the window. I didn't want to know," said Gibbs.

But it was one of those rare campaign stops where everything went according to schedule. When the president was through, and the crowd had dispersed, it was the bride and groom's turn to shine.  

And that's not all—the president had been made aware of the time crunch and left Jon and Sayli a special wedding gift of a silver cup and tray with this handwritten note:

"Congratulations on the wedding. Michelle and I wish you a great life together, Barack Obama."

"Things played out pefectly. We couldn't have asked for a better ending," said Jon.