Lindsay Lohan's Alleged Hit & Run Leaves Pedestrian in Wheelchair

Surveillance video has been released from the scene of Lindsay Lohan's alleged pedestrian hit and run accident. Meanwhile, the alleged victim leaves the hospital in a wheelchair. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

The chef who says he was hit by a car driven by Lindsay Lohan outside a New York nightclub was seen for the first time since the accident.

Clutching a pair of crutches, Jose Rodriguez left the hospital in a wheelchair with his left leg bound in a brace.

"I just saw the car coming and I turned around," said Rodriguez. "It hurt a lot." [Source: New York Post]

And now, New York City police are releasing the surveillance video showing the incident. Lohan's car appears to come into contact with the chef as it enters the underground garage. Moments later, the chef can be seen running after Lohan's car.

It was captured by surveillance cameras outside the nightclub. The chef says he was coming out of a back door after finishing his shift. The question now is, was the chef really injured?

A rep for Lohan claims the entire incident is "much ado about nothing," and today a defensive Lohan re-tweeted a message from a fan:

"The world should really stop picking @lindsay lohan...People make mistakes. Get over it, no one's perfect."

Lohan seemed to be back to her hard-partying ways. On the night she encountered the chef, she was photographed having a good time at a Slash concert in Manhattan.

Now, stunning news about Lohan's mom, Dina. Just last weekend, she held a 50th birthday party for herself, according to New York Daily News columnist Joanna Molloy, where Dina "watched lindsay down at least one double vodka. What kind of mother does that to a daughter who struggles with drug and alcohol addictions?"