iPhone 5 Riot May Slow Production

As people around the world are clamoring to get their hands on the new iPhone, a riot broke out at the largest factory that makes the device, possibly slowing production. Meanwhile, some customers are reportedly saying their phones have arrived scratch

Two-thousand workers ran wild at the world's biggest iPhone factory over the weekend.

More than 5,000 police were called in to put a stop to the chaos. The riots in China broke out following a dispute over working overtime to meet demands for the new iPhone 5.

Now the question is, will this slow production of the gadget that everyone's trying to get their hands on?

CNBC Technology Correspondent Jon Fortt told INSIDE EDITION, "Who knows? We can see other things like this because there is so much pressure on workers to get these things made quickly enough for Apple's customers."

Meantime, some customers are complaining that their new iPhone 5's are arriving with little nicks and scratches straight out of the box. Angry customers have posted photos of their scratched iPhones all over the internet.

But it doesn't seem to be slowing sales one bit.

Apple is trying to meet the demand by restricting sales to just 2 iPhones per customer. Some people are getting around that by repeatedly going back in line, buying the iPhone 5 for $199 and selling them overseas for a huge profit.

INSIDE EDITION found iPhone 5's selling on Ebay for more than $1,000.

The wild success of the iPhone 5 has many business experts predicting that Apple could become the first company in history to be valued at one-trillion-dollars.