Inside The Emmy Parties

The celebrations continued throughout the night in Hollywood after the Emmy awards were handed out. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop on who partied where.

The moment the Emmy® telecast ended, it was time to party-hearty.

Emmy® winner Jessica Lange held on tight to her statuette as INSIDE EDITION cameras followed her into the Governor's Ball.

Mad Men's gorgeous Christina Hendricks held court at her table. And a date-less Heidi Klum grabbed a quick bite.

Modern Family's Julie Bowen tweeted pictures of her night at the Emmy®'s. One picture with her Modern Family kids and one of the sign that greeted her when she got home, made by her real kids  congratulating on her big win.

Matthew Perry from the new show Go On gave us the A-ok. And Jon Stewart accepted well wishes for his 10th Emmy® win.

The HBO party was the hottest ticket in town. Soprano's star James Gandolfini gave a bear hug to Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Modern Family's Sarah Hyland and her date were still talking about Sofia Vergara's wardrobe malfunction.

"I helped push her underwear back in. I guess I shouldn't have just said that," said Hyland. "Julie Bowen's husband and I were backstage as everyone was rushing to help her fix it."

Judging by the pictures that Sofia Vergara tweeted. the actress was having more fun than anyone in Hollywood, tweeting a picture of her crowd surfing later that night.

Meanwhile, Jimmy Kimmel is getting mostly raves for his hosting gig. Variety said Kimmel was the "rare example of a host who got better as the night wore on. 

The Huffington Post said, "Jimmy Kimmel scores."

And veteran Golden Globes® host Ricky Gervais said Kimmel hit it out of the park.

"He did a great job. Nice, smart, funny. A 10 out of 10," said Gervais.