Sarah Palin's Brother And Father Speak With INSIDE EDITION

Sarah Palin's father and brother sat down with INSIDE EDITION to set the record straight on what really happened behind the scenes of her Vice Presidential campaign.

"She was used as a scapegoat," said Sarah Palin's father in his recent interview with INSIDE EDITION.

Sarah Palin's father and brother say they want to set the record straight.

"They just pounce and don't stop," Chuck Heath Jr. said in his interview with INSIDE EDITION.

Chuck Heath Sr. and Jr. say actress Julianne Moore’s winning an Emmy Sunday night for playing Palin in the HBO movie Game Change is just the latest heap of abuse being piled on Palin.

“I feel so validated because Sarah Palin gave it a thumbs down," said Moore in her acceptance speech.

Les Trent asked the Heaths, "What was your reaction to what Julianne Moore said?"

“She won an Emmy, good for her. When I watched the movie with some friends, and we sat and laughed at the accent-this exaggerated accent,” said Chuck Jr.
They also said the movie's depiction of the vice presidential candidate suffering a meltdown was the polar opposite of what they witnessed during the 2008 campaign.

“Sarah was the one in the room holding everybody together, and then this movie that twisted everything around,” said Chuck Jr.

But get this—they say everyone in the family thought Tina Fey's impression was hilarious, but funny only up to a point.

"That was really funny at first, until we realized that people were taking this character and confusing it with who Sarah really was.

Heath Sr. and Jr. have written a new book, Our Sarah, which they say depicts the real Palin. The book includes intimate family photos, including Palin from 1971 in an adorable bob, as a high school sophomore after winning first place in cross-country, and graduating college in 1987,–wearing pink shorts under her cap and gown.

"She's had an incredibly strong sense of right and wrong, and if she believes something she's gonna stand up and say something about it," said Heath Jr.

And what do they know about Palin’s future plans?

“We really don't know. She is very unpredictable. She has been that way since second grade,” said Palin's brother.