Couple Gets Married 24 Times

INSIDE EDITION speaks with the couple who has had 24 weddings all around the world.

Most couples find it tough planning just one wedding, but not Alex Pelling and Lisa Gant. They have gotten married 24 times.

"Twenty-four weddings in 17 countries so far," said Gant.

It started when they got engaged, and couldn’t make up their minds where to get married.

They decided to travel the world and find the perfect spot. First, they flew to Canada, where they tied the knot 3 times–once on horseback, once in a traditional First Nation dress on a beach, and at the airport in Vancouver.

Then they bought a 25-year-old camper they named "Peggy" and drove to the United States. Passing through Las Vegas, they got hitched again at a drive-thru wedding chapel.

Their adventures continued south of the border.

They tangoed at their wedding in Argentina, took an underwater plunge in Mexico, and waded with dolphins in Hawaii.

Gant often wears the same dress, but they also adopt the local dress and customs, riding a donkey in Colombia, or covering their bodies with the full body tattoos of a remote tribe in Panama. They even walked down the aisle in vampire costumes for a Halloween wedding in Los Angeles.

In all, they've been married 24 times.

INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent asked the couple, "Who is the more romantic between you two?"

Gant said, "Him."

"Yeah, I'm probably the hopeless romantic," said Pelling.

They plan to keep traveling the world, getting married again and again.

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