Katy Perry's Ex-Boyfriend Found Dead

A horrifying end for a former boyfriend of singer Katy Perry, cops say he killed himself after murdering his elderly landlady. INSIDE EDITION has the full story.

Katy Perry’s ex-boyfriend savagely murdered his landlady and then killed himself, according to police.

Cops say 28-year-old actor Johnny Lewis beat the elderly woman to death in her home in Los Angeles during a drug-fueled rampage.  

The house is in an upscale neighborhood where the bizarre murder-suicide happened. Police say Katy Perry’s ex-boyfriend showed super human strength. He killed the 81-year-old woman and her cat, and then beat two neighbors who responded to the woman's screams for help with a 2x4.  

Lewis, who rented a room in the house, was found dead in the driveway after apparently jumping from the third floor.

He began dating Perry when he was appearing on the TV show The OC. They were a serious item for more than a year, but their split was acrimonious.

INSIDE EDITION has learned that Perry mocked her former boyfriend in her song, "Ur So Gay." One line in the song said, “I hope you hang yourself with your H&M scarf.”

Lewis was also a regular on the hit drama Sons of Anarchy for two seasons before he was killed in the dramatic second season finale.

Perry was informed about the murder-suicide abroad as she is currently on tour in Japan. She was said to be shocked and saddened.