Pilot Pranks Girlfriend During Proposal

It's being called the worst marriage proposal ever. A pilot led his girlfriend to believe their plane was going to crash as he proposed to her. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

You've never heard of a wedding proposal like this. Pilot Ryan Thompson took girlfriend Carly Kennedy for a romantic ride over the Chicago skyline. Suddenly, he told her there's an emergency.

Carly tried to remain calm, but the terror was real. Were they about to crash into Lake Michigan?

“I really did believe we were going to die,” she said.

Ryan handed her the emergency manual and asked her to start ticking off the check list.

Then came the part, "Initiate ring engagement procedure.”

Eventually she understood what was happening. It may be the craziest wedding proposal ever and everyone's talking about it.

But was it romantic or a cruel practical joke?

The cast of Good Morning America all shook their heads and collectively said "No" in response if the stunt was a good idea.

On the Today show, Savannah Guthrie said, "Why do I think we are not going to see a flood of marriage proposals that go like that?"

A poll on INSIDEEDITION.com was overwhelmingly negative. 83% of viewers thought it was cruel. Just 16% said it was romantic.

So, what did Carly think? She and Ryan spoke to Good Morning America.

"A lot of the women I have told this story too said 'I would have slapped him,' " she said.

Carly is a doctor and judging by the video, she's proven she can stay cool under the most trying conditions.