Katy Perry Devastated Over Ex-Boyfriend Death

After the shocking reports that actor Johnny Lewis comitted a murder-suicide, his ex-girlfriend, Katy Perry, is reportedly devastated about the news. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

Katy Perry is reportedly devastated by the murder-suicide involving her ex-boyfriend.

TV star Johnny Lewis murdered his 81-year-old landlady and even tore her cat, Jessie, apart with his bare hands. Perry's ex leapt to his death from a window of her house, where he rented a room.

Perry is in Japan to promote the 3-D version of her movie, Part of Me. A friend told US Weekly, "She is devastated."

Perry and 30-year-old Lewis began dating in 2005 and split up the following year, reportedly over his drug abuse.

"She had to separate from him, to get ahead and focus on her career. He was in trouble then and she couldn't help him," said Perry’s friend.  

Perry reportedly wrote several songs about her ex, including,“The One That Got Away.”

And there's outrage that Lewis was released from jail just five days before he killed his landlady, despite warnings he was spiraling toward tragedy, like a character he once played in Criminal Minds.

A probation report obtained by INSIDE EDITION said, "Defendant’s behavior is out of control."

Lewis is from a family of leading Scientologists. His father, Michael, has been filmed lecturing in a Scientology video.

Lewis reportedly entered a Scientology drug rehab program, in 2004, but despite successful roles in The OC the FX drama Sons of Anarchy, his drug use continued, with tragic consequences.