Test Shows How To Survive Plane Crash

Video has just been released from inside an airplane that was deliberately crashed to research ways of improving airplane safety in the event of a crash. INSIDE EDITION reports.

Extraordinary video shows what it's like to be in an actual plane crash.

The video shows crash test dummies being tossed around like toys. The plane's cabin literally disintegrates as debris flies everywhere.   

The shocking, just-released video was shot for an upcoming Discovery Channel Documentary, Curiosity: Plane Crash.

The crash was captured in the dramatic YouTube video last spring. You can see the nose of the plane snap off but, this is the first time we've seen what was actually happening inside the cabin upon impact.

The empty Boeing 727 was intentionally crashed in a remote Mexican desert to find out what happens to passengers during an aircraft disaster.

The pilots bailed out minutes before the jetliner slammed into the ground and in its final moments it was piloted by remote control.  

The crash was the result of four years of planning. The jet was equipped with 38 cameras and sensors along with dozens of crash test dummies.  

We spoke to commercial Pilot John Lucich, who says the video shows that bracing for impact with your head down and your hands locked behind your head dramatically increases the odds for survival. 

"If you are placed in a situation where you do face a crash, make sure you assume the proper brace position and make sure there are no articles by you that can cause injury to you," said Lucich.

The video shows a test dummy holding an infant on her lap. Cindy Bir, Professor of Biomedical Engineering at Wayne State University, told Good Morning America that the mother couldn't hold on during the crash.

A coach seat in the back of this plane proved to be better than flying first class in the front.  Passengers in the first seven rows wouldn't have made it out alive.

The special, Curiosity: Plane Crash airs Sunday, October 7, at 9 pm on Discovery.