California Man Sets Jetpacking Record With 26 Mile Trip

Daredevil Dean O'Malley flew 26 miles over the ocean with a jet pack, breaking the world record for jet pack travel, and INSIDE EDITION was there for the remarkable flight. 

Daredevil Dean O'Malley soared 30-feet into the air, riding on a water-propelled jet pack, hoping to set a world record.

The adrenaline junkie's goal was to fly 26-miles over the ocean. From Newport Beach California to Catalina Island and INSIDE EDITION was there for the record-breaking flight.

O'Malley is the President of Jetlev Southwest which rents out the jet packs for supervised 30-minute rides. Mastering the flying machine is a grueling mental and physical challenge.  

On the day he attempted to set a world record, O'Malley battled strong wind currents and flied nearly five hours before finally approaching Catalina.

"My body was fatiguing a lot more at that point. My shoulders were giving out, my neck was starting to cramp," said O'Malley.

It was mission accomplished, but this extreme athlete says without pain, there's no gain when setting a world record.