Larry King and Wife Embrace After Filing For Divorce

Just one day after filing papers to end their union Larry King and his soon-to-be ex-wife came together at one of their son's baseball games and actually hugged in front of photographers.  INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

It was a jaw-dropping show of affection as Larry King embraces his wife Shawn with a huge hug just one day after they filed for divorce.

"Hi hon. That feels good. I know that smell," said King as the couple embraced.

King and Shawn were both still wearing their wedding rings during the greeting that took place just before their son's baseball game.

The surprise encounter took place right next to a little league field in Beverly Hills. You may have expected an angry confrontation given the nasty split and those allegations of infidelity, but instead, Larry and Shawn King hugged it out in front of everyone.

Shawn playfully tweaked King's nose as they shared a cryptic conversation about spending time with their boys within earshot of photographers.

"Thank you for today. It was the best half-hour of my life, well, aside from meeting you. Thanks for tomorrow. That's very nice, and they'll have a good time. I promise. Saturday, they'll be with you, if you want them, safe and sound," said King to his wife Shawn.

Attorney Debra Opri said, "Larry King and Shawn want the world and most certainly the judge, to know that they are in it for the kids and the kids come first."

The talk show titan even took off from work for the big game.

Tavis Smiley filled in for King and opened the show with, "Good evening. I'm Tavis Smiley sitting in for Larry tonight. Larry's son Chance is pitching in an important little league game."

The soon-to-be ex's arrived separately. Shawn showed up with her parents who are staying with her at the couple's Beverly Hills mansion.

And King was flanked by two private security guards sporting suits. Larry warmly greeted his in-laws and during his conversation with Shawn, his father-in-law slipped him an envelope with Dodger's tickets.

The friendly scene quickly turned into chaos in the park as protective parents and park employees lashed out at the mob of paparazzi. Police were called to the scene and escorted Shawn and King out of the park. While Shawn gave a piggy back ride to one of her boys who shielded his face with a towel, there was another mishap. Her mother took a spill, but said, "I'm alright."

King left arm-in-arm with an attractive blond woman, but it wasn't a girlfriend. INSIDE EDITION has learned that it was Wendy Walker, the executive producer of Larry King Live.

Despite the warm and fuzzy scene, the divorce promises to be a nasty one. Lawyers were already seen heading into the talk show host's home first thing Friday morning. And believe it or not, King, who is estimated to be worth $144 million did not sign a pre-nup before marriage number eight!

Debra Opri said, "Shawn will most definitely fight for all she can get, which may be more than fifty-fifty. If Larry King were my client, with seven prior marriages, Larry King would not be leaving my office without a pre-nuptual."

At least the night comics are having fun with the split.

Jimmy Kimmel joked, "Seventy six-year-old Larry King has filed for divorce from his wife Shawn, although he may have thought he was filing taxes, I don't know."

Jay Leno said, "From what I understand, there were problems in the bedroom. Apparently, he kept walking into hers."