Arnold Schwarzenegger's Youngest Son Changes Name To Shriver

Arnold Schwarzenegger's youngest son, Christopher has dumped the Schwarzenegger name and is now going by his mother's maiden name, Shriver. Is Arnold's biography backfiring on him? INSIDE EDITION reports.

Don't call me Schwarzenegger.

That's the word from Arnold's own son, Christopher.

Known previously as Christopher Schwarzenegger, he's now calling himself Christopher Shriver—an apparent gesture of support for his devastated mother, Maria Shriver.

Tweeting on his recent 15th birthday, Christopher wrote: "Thanks for all the happy birthdays, I had a lot of fun."  

Then he thanks his brother, sister and his mother with no mention of his dad. And he signs it "cshriver573."

Christopher is Arnold's youngest child. He is the same age as the teen Arnold fathered during his affair with the family maid.

Last night, Arnold told Fox News' Sean Hannity that despite the publication of his book, Total Recall and that blockbuster 60 Minutes interview, he hopes to one day win Maria back.  

"It takes a lot of time to heal those wounds. I'm a forever optimist. I do see that Maria and I will get together eventually," said Schwarzenegger.

Maria was stone-faced while being bombarded with questions about Arnold's book on a visit to her hair dresser in Beverly Hills Tuesday.

But don't hold your breath, says author Wendy Leigh, whose unauthorized biography of Arnold was first published in 1991, and has now been reissued as an e-book.

Leigh told INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander, "Maria Shriver will not take him back. She has gone through so much. He has thrown so much mud at her. And my heart goes out to her because she did love this man. She probably still loves this man, but he has besmirched America's princess."

"What do you think is Maria Shriver's next move?" asked Alexander.

"She could write her own book, and what a book it would be if she told the truth. But Kennedy wives don't do that. I think Maria will probably maintain a dignified silence and reactivate her career as a TV journalist," said Leigh.

Meanwhile, the backlash over Arnold's confessional campaign continues.

Bill O'Reilly said, "He's crazy, by the way, for even doing this."

Barbara Walters said on The View, "If you're trying to protect your children, if you're trying to get your wife back, and you've got enough money, why write a book?"