Julianne Moore's Jewels Stolen From Her Home

Thousands of dollars in jewelry was robbed from Julianne Moore's New York home while she was away filming a movie and renovation crews were working in the home. INSIDE EDITION reports from the scene.

Julianne Moore—the actress who just won an EMMY for playing Sarah Palin in Game Change—was just ripped off by a thief who stole $127,000 worth of jewelry from her home.

INSIDE EDITION's Diane McInerney went to the actress' brownstone located on a quiet street in the exclusive West Village neighborhood of Manhattan. The thieves took ten pieces of jewelry from her brownstone during renovations.

Inside Moore's stylish home is a bathtub in front of a fireplace. Her bedroom is where she likely kept her pricey valuables in a jewelry box.   

There were around 15-25 workmen in Moore's home doing the renovations while she was in Toronto filming a remake of the classic horror movie, Carrie. Cops do not know who stole the jewelry. They say they plan to talk to all of the workmen who had access to Moore's home.

The most expensive piece taken was a $33,000 Cartier bracelet. The thief also took four Cartier watches worth more than $77,000.
Security expert Pat Brosnan says Moore made several common mistakes that made her a target.

"What was her biggest mistake?" McInerney asked.

"Never ever ever leave your jewelry out in the open, or any other valuables, or anything else that is important to you," said Brosnan.

Another mistake was leaving the home unattended while strangers had free reign of the house.

McInerney asked, "Should you do a criminal background check?"

"Do your homework. You're giving the keys to your house, to your life, to a stranger," said Brosnan.