Limbless Man Tells INSIDE EDITION How He Turns Obstacles Into Opportunities

INSIDE EDITION spoke with a man who is the definition of the word inspiration. After being born with no limbs, Nick Vujicic proves he can do anything an able bodied person can.

Nick Vujicic has no arms or legs. But you won't believe what he can do. He plays soccer, skydives, and he even surfs.

He is absolutely unstoppable, which happens to be the title of his brand-new book.

"I challenge people to turn obstacles into opportunities," Vujicic told INSIDE EDITION.

Vujicic wasn't always so optimistic. He was born without limbs, and suffered endless teasing at school.

"Oh, look at him, he's an alien," the bullies would say of Vujicic.
 But all that is behind him. Now, Vujicic is a motivational speaker and happily married. 

"Our eyes connected, and it was fireworks from day one," Vujicic said of his now wife.

And in case you're wondering how in the world Vujicic learned to surf. Well, he had a very special teacher. It was Bethany Hamilton, the brave surfer who lost her left arm to a shark attack nine years ago, but refused to give up her beloved sport.

"She was, like, amazing. She's the best teacher," said Vujicic.