Former America's Got Talent Contestant Fights Rare Disorder

After nearly going all the way on America’s Got Talent, an adorable little girl is battling a condition that's stealing her sight and could take her life. INSIDE EDITION spoke to the brave girl and her family.

She was the cute little girl from the dance group The Silhouettes who won our hearts on America’s Got Talent. But behind her smile is a brave little girl battling a terminal illness.

The 11-year-old from outside Denver, Colorado, has a rare genetic disorder that's stealing her eyesight and hearing. It is also expected to drastically shorten her life. 

At just seven years old Ellie got a terrible diagnosis. She had Wolfram Syndrome, a disease that cripples virtually every organ in the body. Her mom Beth was devastated.
Beth said, “It was beyond devistating. She'll lose her vision, lose her hearing, it affects coordination, balance.”

INSIDE EDITION’s Jim Moret asked, “Ellie, are you scared, knowing you have this disease?”

“It can scare me, because I've noticed that my vision is really failing,” said Ellie.

Amazingly, last year, Ellie and her dance group, The Silhouettes, competed and won second place on America’s Got Talent.

INSIDE EDITION continued to help Ellie achieve her dreams and took her to Disneyland. For just a few hours Ellie could have fun like any other child without a care in the world. But even at the happiest place on Earth, Ellie's blood sugar suddenly dropped and she had to take an emergency dose of glucose.

As Ellie celebrated her 11th birthday she could no longer see the colors of her cake and her brother had to tell her what colors were on the cake.

But Ellie sees every day as a gift.

“If this does limit my life I am just going to push through and do everything I can do while I can,” said Ellie.

For more information aboute Ellie and her condition, please click here.