Teen Who Filmed Wedding Brawl Speaks Out

The 15-year-old who filmed two wedding parties brawling at a swanky hotel is speaking to INSIDE EDITION about the altercation that has now gone viral.

New details are emerging about that crazy brawl between two wedding parties at a swanky hotel in Philadelphia.

The clash ended in death, for one guest, the uncle of the bride, who suffered a fatal heart attack. The bride was identified as Nicole Sannuti. The groom was Michael Sofka. The bride grew up in a posh town outside Philadelphia.

The brawl took place at the Sheraton Hotel in the fancy neighborhood known as Society Hill.

The whole wedding fiasco is summed up by a headline in the Philadelphia Daily News, "2 Weddings and a Funeral.”

The fight started in the bar and spilled out into the lobby. In a video, police can be seen struggling to restore order. The voice that can be heard on the video is 15-year-old Max Schultz, who was staying at the hotel with his parents for his birthday.

Schultz grabbed his iPhone and started recording from the balcony.

Schultz told INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd, “It was crazy. People were yelling at each other. Somebody threw the first punch, and then everybody jumped on everybody."

Boyd asked, “What do you think about everything that unfolded right before your eyes?”

Schultz said, “Disbelief that the wedding had turned so ugly and violent.”

In the video, a woman can be heard screaming as cops subdue a wedding guest with batons. A woman even hit a cop, while another woman in a formal red evening gown is dragged out.
Schultz told INSIDE EDITION the battling guests gave police no choice but to start swinging their batons.

“These people were crazy. Obviously too much to drink and they were all swinging at each other,” he said.

The groom's neighbors were horrified at the tragic death.

"It is a terrible thing to happen. It is supposed to be a happy time. They are just great people," said one neighbor.

The bride and groom had been looking forward to their big day, registering at Bloomingdale’s, Macy's, and Crate and Barrel.

Now, it has all ended in an embarrassing fiasco getting national attention and a true tragedy for the family.