More Details Emerge About The Wedding Brawl Seen Around The Globe

More details are emerging from the wedding brawl that had two separate wedding parties clashing with each other in a swanky hotel and left one person dead. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

There's new video from that wedding night smackdown where more than 100 people from two different wedding parties got into an all-out brawl.

In a just surfaced video that was taken inside the hotel bar, glass breaks as Philadelphia cops try to break up the out-of-control crowd. Cops can also be seen pushing a woman to the ground, before clearing out the bar.  

As cops comb through the videos of the brawl looking for evidence, they are also coming under scrutiny as some of the wedding guests accuse them of using excessive force to break up the fight.

A friend of one of the brides tweeted, “@phillypolice your actions at sat night's hotel fight were despicable. Never in my life have I seen such an abuse of power. Shame on you.”

Philadelphia police declined comment, except to advise the woman to file a formal complaint if she wanted to.
Meanwhile, police continue to round up suspects.

The brother of the groom was arrested for assaulting a cop and inciting a riot. Police described him as the "main combatant" in the melee, which they said was fueled by alcohol. His attorney says his client will be exonerated.

For the bride, Nicole Sannuti, not only did the fight ruin her big day, it also resulted in the death of her beloved Uncle, Vincent, who died of a heart attack.

The dead man's son, Vincent Sannuti Jr., posted a tribute to his father on Facebook, “R.I.P. Dad. You taught me everything. I love you so much Vito.”

Nicole had chronicled her preparations for her big day on the website Pinterest. It included her hair and decorating ideas. 

Amanda Black, editor of told INSIDE EDITION, "There are so many details that go into planning your event, that something is bound to go wrong. Unfortunately this event was probably something she could not prevent."