Zumba Instructor Accused of Being a Madam

A Zumba instructor has pleaded not guilty to running an alleged brothel out of her studio not far from the home of former President George H.W. Bush. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

The Zumba dance craze has swept America. But now, cops say one Zumba instructor took the sexy dance moves way too far.

Prosecutors are accusing 29-year-old Zumba instructor, Alexis Wright, of using her fitness studio as a front for prostitution.

Cops say she also taped herself having sex with her clients, who were unaware they were being  recorded.

Prosecutors say they've gathered more than 100 hours of videotaped evidence. And they say Wright kept meticulous records, showing she made $150,000 selling her very fit body for sex.

"Not guilty," Wright said.

Also charged is a prominent insurance agent, Mark Strong, who cops say helped Wright run the alleged prostitution business. Strong has also pleaded not guilty.

Zumba is everywhere. Fourteen million people around the globe are now doing the sexy Latin-inspired workout that was created by millionaire fitness guru, Beto Perez.

But never has Zumba made headlines like this. The scandal is rocking the quaint New England town of Kennebunk, Maine, which is just a few miles from Kennebunkport, where former President George H.W. Bush has a waterfront estate.

The town is on edge as authorities say they are ready to expose Wright's client list, which is said to include doctors, lawyers, police, and a television personality.

They may soon regret the day they laid eyes on one very hot Zumba instructor.