Woman Writes A Song-A-Day

INSIDE EDITION spoke with a singer / songwriter has an incredible talent as she writes a song-a-day and a tune, nearly about anything, right on the spot.

Stephanie K is a singer and songwriter with an incredible talent. The 26-year-old from Detroit can write a song about anything—right on the spot.
She told INSIDE EDITION, “I had this idea that everyday I would write, record, and upload a one minute a capella song.”

 Each day she posts one minute-long songs on YouTube.  

Stephanie has gone more than 405 days without missing a beat.

"I can't stop now, I have got to keep up the streak," she said.

The topic for each song is suggested by fans and some of the topics are quite interesting. Here are just a few of the hundreds of topics she's tackled: Crying babies on a plane, ‘Eastwooding,’ fireworks, breast feeding at the mall, bikinis, frozen yogurt vs. ice cream, boys with tattoos.

We decided to put her talent to what may be her ultimate test. To write a song about INSIDE EDITION.

She sang, "You should watch, you should listen to INSIDE EDITION. Televisions longest running [syndicated] news magazine."