Dina Lohan Faces Losing Home to Foreclosure

INSIDE EDITION has the latest on that domestic dispute between Lindsay Lohan and her mother Dina, who may be losing her lavish home to foreclosure.

It's come to this. Lindsay Lohan's mom faces losing the family home to foreclosure. A Process Server allegedly showed up at the $1.3 million home on Long Island, New York, Wednesday. Just moments before the Procces Server's arrival, Lindsay and her mom were seen giving each other a goodbye hug.

Lindsay said she loaned her mother $40,000 to save the house; a loan at the center of their instantly infamous limo brawl.

"I was like, give me my 40 grand back that I just gave you." Lindsay told her father over the phone in the middle of the fight with her mother.

Michael Lohan, who was recording their conversation, said, "You gave mom $40,000?"

Lindsay responded, "Because she needs to keep her house."

Michael said, "She's full of [expletive]. She's lying to you, Lindsay. She's lying."

On the call, Dina can be heard telling Lindsay, "You're dead to me," to which Lindsay replies, "This is what you do. You ruin people."

The View’s Sherri Shepherd said, “I don't know whats worse, the fight with her mother, or her father that she turned to is selling the tape. Wow Lindsay, I feel for you."

Lindsay and her mother seemed to have made up after their battle inside the limo. But as the two hugged, it looked as if mom Dina got little more than the back of Lindsay’s head. The same thing happened as they hugged again a little later.

New York Daily News columnist Joanna Molloy wrote, “Someone hand Lindsay Lohan an Oscar®. And give another one to her mother. Their hugs-and-kisses performance was quite a show for media clustered at the gate."

The Talk's Sara Gilbert said, "Didn't you think the hug was weird, like she just said a few hours earlier 'you're dead to me,' to her daughter."

Gilbert's fellow talk show host Aisha Tyler replied, "Well Lindsay doesn't even seem like she's returning the hug. Her arms are down in that photo."

At one point in the mother-daughter fight, caught on audio tape, Lindsay yelled, "Dad, she's on cocaine. She's like the [expletive] devil right now." That might help explain Dina Lohan's strange behavior during that recent Dr. Phil interview. Dina Lohan denies taking drugs.

If Lindsay does want to help her mother out financially, she might want to think about selling her handbags she is frequently seen with. The Hermes over night back called the Birkin that Lindsay owns costs $11,000, and her smaller Hermes handbag called the Kelly goes for an eye-popping $12,000.