Survival of the Fittest for Vice Presidential Debate

Ahead of the big vice-presidential debate, some are calling VP Joe Biden and his competitor, Paul Ryan, sex symbols. INSIDE EDITION has the report.

Paul Ryan is getting pumped up for Thursday's big debate. The workout fanatic hit the gym for a photo spread in the new issue of Time magazine. He gets his "guns" from doing bicep curls with a 40 pound barbell.

Ryan is clearly working hard for the female vote. And it may be working.

A video of cute young singers professing their adoration for the hunky candidate has gone viral. They sing the lyrics, “P-p-p-paul Ryan, I love you I ain't lyin. P-p-p-paul Ryan you know there's no denying. P-p-p-paul Ryan boy you got me crying.”

But Joe Biden is turning heads, too.

The Vice President, who turns 70 next month, is a huge flirt on the campaign trail with, "piercing blue eyes," and a "wide smile." Politico calls him "charming" and "adorable."

INSIDE EDITION's Diane McInerney asked E! correspondent Marc Malkin, "What do you think of the way Joe Biden engages women on the campaign trail?"

Malkin said, "Listen, he's a politician. Of course he is going to flirt. He is a good looking man. He is a very smart man. He is going to flirt with his supporters."

At a recent campaign stop in Florida, he asked nurses to take his pulse. And at a diner in Ohio, he got cozy with a biker, even massaging her shoulders.

And he is a noticeably sharp dresser. "There is obviously nothing edgy about it. There is nothing too stodgy about it. It's Americana classic."

Heading into the debate, the two candidates are neck-and-neck in a favorability poll. Biden is at 44% percent ,and 43% for Ryan, according to the Gallup Poll.