Lucky Baby Is Numerologist's Dream

INSIDE EDITION interviewed the family of a newborn baby that is a numerologist’s delight after she was born on 10/11/12, and that’s just the beginning of her numerical connections.

Tiny Laila Fitzgerald is a numerologist's dream. She weighed eight pounds, nine ounces at birth, and she was just born on October 11th, that is 10-11-12. She arrived at 1:14 pm which, in military time is 13-14. The numbers associated with her birth are 8-9-10-11-12 -13-14—what are the chances?

The stars sure alligned for this numerically blessed munchkin. Her mom, Katie, and dad, Ryan Fitzgerald, say it's a sign of good luck.

INISIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander spoke to them via Skype from De Moines, Iowa.

"Is it true that you went out and bought a lottery ticket soon after the birth of Laila?" asked Alexander.

"I did buy a couple of lottery tickets but they weren't as lucky as Laila was," said Ryan.

This isn't the first time this family has been numerically blessed. Incredibly, Laila's older brother, Jackson was born on September 10th, 2011 which is 9/10/11.

Little Laila's due date was originally October 19th, but she decided to make history and come into the world a little early.

"Did you induce early?" asked Alexander.

"No, no," they said laughing.

One thing's for sure, 8-9-10-11-12-13-14 sure add's up to one cute little bundle.