Concern Over Increasing Attacks On Bus Drivers

INSIDE EDITION explores the recent incidents of bus rage, a problem that is sweeping the country, and what we uncovered is disturbing.

A young female passenger taunted a bus driver with the foulest language, then she shoved him. It was all caught on tape.

The driver then gave her a brutal uppercut that knocked her off her feet. Is he sorry? Far from it!

The fight on the bus in Cleveland set off a firestorm Monday on The View.

"I do not think you punch her. I think you take her arms like this and push her off but you do not punch her," said Barbara Walters.

"When you hit people you have to expect that you might get hit back," said Whoopi Goldberg.

More and more, bus drivers are finding themselves under siege by aggressive passengers. The violent altercation between a Cleveland bus driver and a female passenger was shocking, but here's something even more shocking: it wasn't an isolated incident.

Another video shows a bus driver in Kalamazoo, Michigan, attempting to restore order on her rowdy bus.  

A 16-year-old student brazenly disobeys her order and when she grabs a walkie-talkie to call for help, it happens. Suddenly, the student begins punching her 18 times in just 28-seconds.

Michelle Nix will never forget the attack that left her with a broken hand and severe bruises. At one point, another student tried to stop the senseless attack.

"There really wasn't a whole lot I could do other than cover my head and pray that somebody would help me." said Nix.

The student who attacked Nix pleaded no contest to assault and spent a little over a year in juvenile detention.

Now, this latest incident in Cleveland has everyone wondering where violence on a bus might strike next.