Linda Hogan Opens Up to INSIDE EDITION

Linda Hogan tells INSIDE EDITION why she made herself watch the sex tape of her ex-husband Hulk Hogan cheating on her.

Linda Hogan, the ex-wife of wrestling legend Hulk Hogan, made a stunning admission  to INSIDE EDITION’s Jim Moret. In an exclusive interview she says she actually watched that sex tape showing Hulk cheating on her with his best friend's wife.
Moret asked, “Why in the world would you watch your ex-husband's sex tape?”

She said, “I wanted to look at it because I wanted to find out who the girl was.”     
What Linda saw was Hulk in bed with Heather Cole, the ex-wife of Hulk's best friend, radio host, Bubba the Love Sponge. It was actually filmed six years ago when Bubba and Heather were still married and Hulk was still married to Linda.

Hulk is suing to stop the video from being circulated. He and his lawyers appeared outside a Tampa court on Monday.

His lawyer Charles Harder said, “Mr. Hogan had no knowledge that he was being videotaped.”
Linda says she always suspected Hulk was having an affair, but seeing the video crushed her.
Moret asked, “When your kids found out about this sex tape how did they react?”

Linda said, “They were upset. Brooke was a little bit angry and very disappointed.”

Linda made some embarrassing headlines of her own two weeks ago when she was busted for drunk driving. In her mug shot she looked glassy eyed, still wearing a sparkly gown after leaving a charity event where she said she drank two glasses of champagne.

She admitted to Moret, “It's just a stupid, dumb, mistake.”  

Linda says she's been going through a rough time after breaking up with much younger boy toy Charley Hill. Linda would have looked radiant in a white wedding dress. She even models the dress in the season premiere of TLC's Brides of Beverly Hills airing Friday, November 2. She broke down in tears because only two days before her fitting, she and Hill broke up.

Moret asked, “Was it very emotional for you when you tried that dress on?”
“Yeah, to say the least,” she said.   
The wedding was not meant to be. Now, Linda lives by herself in a beautiful mansion she once shared with Hill.

“I thought everything was going to go happily ever after and it didn't happen that way for me,” she said.