Susan Boyle Gets Stage Fright on Dancing With the Stars

Susan Boyle hit a sour note on Dancing With the Stars as the singer appeared have a severe case of stage fright. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Susan Boyle got stage fright during the live broadcast of Dancing With the Stars. Her performance is making headlines like, "What Was Wrong with Susan Boyle?"

Her eyes looked strained as Boyle began a duet with Donny Osmond. As she started singing, Boyle reached out to hold Osmond's hand to calm her nerves, then she hit a sour note.

The end of the song couldn't come soon enough. Osmond told her she did ok. “You did it baby,” Osmond said.

Boyle's publicist told INSIDE EDITION the reports of stage fright is, "Unfounded." Adding, "If you watch the performance you'll see he was not holding her hand throughout the whole performance."

In the meantime, another star got the boot. Bristol Palin was sent home.

“Well, we did it, we made it to week four, and I’m happy with that. And I had an awesome time, and an awesome partner,” said Bristol.

"Mama Grizzly" watched from the audience, and as Bristol had her last dance, her mother Sarah slipped away to watch the big debate.