Friends Say Demi Moore Still Not Over Ashton Kutcher

It’s been a year since Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher split, and friends close to the actress say she’s still having a hard time. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop. 

Demi Moore is "jealous and frustrated" about ex-husband Ashton Kutcher's romance with Mila Kunis.  And it's probably not helping that Mila was just dubbed sexiest woman alive by Esquire magazine.

One year after her six-year marriage to the 34-year-old actor ended, Moore is "trying to move on." But getting over Kutcher isn't easy. Friends close to the actress tell the new issue of People magazine, on stands Friday, that "she's not in a good frame of mind."

Kutcher's relationship with his former That 70's Show co-star started in early June. Friends of Demi Moore say it's hard for her to see Kutcher and Mila Kunis' very public displays of affection.  

Moore was hospitalized earlier this year for what People calls "an escalating addiction to prescription drugs." Sources close to the actress say, "she was struggling and she was sad."

Charlotte Triggs, Sr. Writer at People magazine told INSIDE EDITION, "It's been a really difficult year for her, and they're not sure that she's out of the woods," said Triggs.