A-Rod Girls Speak Exclusively with INSIDE EDITION

INSIDE EDITION caught up with the lucky women who caught the eye of baseball star Alex Rodriguez in the middle of a packed Yankee Stadium.

The beautiful women at the center of the Alex Rodriguez flirtation scandal are telling INSIDE EDITION the score–exclusively.

“We were so lucky to get those seats,” said Katie Quinn.

Kyna Treacy and her good friend Quinn are both models from Australia. And they had never been to a baseball game before, and they had only heard of A-Rod because of his love life.

“Katie pointed out, ‘There's that A-Rod guy,' I'm like, 'Who is that?' And she said, 'That guy who dated Cameron Diaz,'" Treacy told INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd.

But in the midst of the crucial playoff game against the Detroit Tigers in New York last Saturday, they say a baseball was delivered to them in their seats behind the dugout with a handwritten message from somebody on the Yankees team.

Boyd asked, "What did it say on the ball?"

“It said ‘Hey girls, hope you're enjoying the game. Can you send me your numbers,’” said the girls.

“We wrote down our numbers and then sent it back,” said Treacy.

They say they've received text messages from two different Yankees. They won't say whether A-Rod is one of them.

The women don't know what will happen next, but A-Rod's career isn't looking so good. There are reports he is going to be traded.

The headline in the New York Post says: “A-Goner!”

Baseball's highest-paid player has been riding the bench, and clearly didn't like being asked whether he was flirting with the girls when he should have been focusing on the game.

One reporter asked, "Are you being punished for the thing that was in the paper the other day with girls and the ball?"

“I mean look, I addressed that yesterday and I said, 'It was laughable,'" said Rodriguez.

Meanwhile Treacy and Quinn strutted their stuff for INSIDE EDITION at The Stand, a New York hot-spot. They are hoping their modeling careers will now take off, thanks in part to a wacky experience at the ball park.