Is the Volcano Ash Cloud Plaguing Europe Headed This Way?

The aviation industry has been crippled by the volcanic ash cloud hovering over Europe, and it has affected more than 7 million passengers worldwide. Now the cloud may be headed to North America. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

The Icelandic ash cloud is moving towards the U.S. and pop sensation Justin Bieber is one of the first to hightail it out of its path.

When a photographer asked Bieber if he was happy to be escaping the cloud, the pop singer replied, "Me? Yeah, I didn't want to be in St. Johns for three days!"

The teen heartthrob left Newfoundland, Canada, amid news that the ash that has caused travel chaos around the world was drifting towards North America.

An estimated seven million passengers worldwide have been affected by the massive ash cloud.

INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd visited Newark Airport, where the stranded passengers were living in refugee-like conditions. The American Red Cross supplied cots, blankets, toiletries, and basic food and water. The passengers are desperate to get home.

One young traveler showed INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd the refugee-like conditions she and other passengers have been living in at Newark Airport for almost four days thanks to the canceled flights.

"It's really difficult," the stranded European traveler told Paul Boyd. "We're just making the most of it."


The normally bustling terminal looks more like a homeless shelter, with cots galore and even a free-food table for desperate passengers.

Back in Iceland, the volcano continues to erupt, and no one knows how long it will last.