Lottery Winner Waits Six Years to Claim Winnings

In one of the more unusual lottery winning stories, one man waited six years to claim his winnings to ensure his girlfriend would marry him for love, not money. INSIDE EDITION reports.  

One heartbreak kid just got incredibly lucky. His girlfriend dumped him, but she may be regretting it, because 22-year-old Sandeep Singh just won $30 million in the lottery.

At a press conference, Singh said, "No girlfriend. I just broke up with her. She broke up with me but now I'm not worried about it," said Singh.

He doesn't seem too broken up about his lost love. $30 million is a pretty good cure for a broken heart.

"I was heartbroken at first but now I'm getting over it," he said.
And there's another lottery winner who may just be the most patient man in history.

Andy Ashkar won $5 million in the New York Lottery and then waited six years to collect the prize.

Why did he wait so long? Ashkar told lottery officals that he was getting engaged and wanted his girlfriend to marry him for love, not for money.

And there's another twist to this hard-to-believe story. Ashkar bought the winning ticket at his parents convienience store.

The big win hasn't changed life for the family. They were still busy at work when we stopped by, but some folks around town are puzzled by Ashkar's 6 year wait to cash in his winning ticket.

"It's wierd. Why would you wait?" asked one citizen.

"I think the guy is insane, personally. I would have cashed it in and had some fun," said another.