Woman Denied Job At Tilted Kilt For Weight

INSIDE EDITION talks to a woman who was denied a job as a waitress because she couldn’t fit into a skimpy kilt required by the restaurant.

It's the restaurant chain with a very hot uniform—a skimpy shirt showing lots of cleavage, a bare midriff and a tiny tartan skirt.

But now The Tilted Kilt is coming under fire for refusing to hire a woman who was deemed a little too big for that mini skirt.

Jennifer Rogers thought she was a shoe-in for a job at a new branch of The Tilted Kilt in Palm Desert, California, but when she tried on the uniform, the skirt just didn't fit.

"I did the interview, and he said that I was very pretty. He just kept telling me that we can't alter it and thats the only size," said Rogers.

The company told INSIDE EDITION that they haven't violated any laws.

"All applicants must conform to our costume guidelines to meet the expectations that our guests have for the brand. Just like when a director is trying to cast parts for a movie, that is how we view our hiring process," they said.

Technically, women are considered "entertainers", not waitresses.

Rogers says she still thinks she'd be a good fit for The Tilted Kilt.

"They're pretty much saying that if you don't look a certain way that you can't perform a job just like anybody else. Thats not right," said Rogers.

Meanwhile, a photo of a college freshman in her underwear is sparking a heated debate online.

Stella Boonshoft, who attends NYU in New York, posted the picture on Facebook and got an avalanche of negative comments.

"Get on a treadmill and stop eating," one user wrote.

But thousands of others are coming to her defense and Boonshoft herself hit back.

"If my big belly and fat arms and stretch marks offend you then that's okay. This is my body, deal with it," she wrote.