Ann Romney Takes a Beach Day Before Final Debate

Before the final presidential debate, Mitt Romney’s wife, Ann takes the pressure in stride with a relaxing day at the beach. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Ann Romney was a bathing beauty over the weekend. Mitt Romney's wife looked glamorous in an age-appropriate floral swimsuit with matching sarong.  

She was photographed on the beach relaxing before Monday night's historic final presidential debate, enjoying a day in the Florida sunshine. And everyone's talking about how great she looked in her swimsuit, at age 63.

INSIDE EDITION saw similar looks at Canyon Beachwear in New York City. Fashion experts say it was just the right look for a mom of five who wants to be the nation's first lady.

INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander asked Canyon Beachwear manager Ilene Sofferman, "Why was this a good look for her?"

"It looked great on her. It was age appropriate. It covered all the right issues in the middle. There were no lumps and bumps. It was all hidden very well with the ruching. The bottom was a nice sarong and her legs are in beautiful shape," said Sofferman. 

Alexander asked, "Do you anticipate that a lot of women are going to want to get a swimsuit similar to Ann Romney?"

Sofferman said, "As good as she looked in it? Absolutely. It's going to be an inspiration to women who are in their 50s, who have kids, who would say, 'I don't want to go to the beach because I can't find a swimsuit."

With polls showing the race between Romney and President Obama neck-and-neck, the stakes couldn't be higher.

But Ann seems to be handling the pressure well. She looked confident in her swimsuit, chatting with her youngest son, 31-year-old Craig. Another member of the Romney clan affectionately brushed away some stray hair that was blowing in Ann's face. Before long, Ann grabbed a towel and headed for a lounge chair on Delray Beach.

A relaxing day as the election countdown ticks away.