Britney Spears' Family Battle Former Manager In Court

Britney Spears' notorious 2007 meltdown is making headlines again and is being played out in court after her former manager is suing the pop star and her family. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

Britney Spears was such a drugged-out mess just a few years ago, the struggle to help her became "a battle for life and death,” That's the shocking claim being made by Britney’s own father.

Jamie Spears confronted his troubled daughter after she shaved her head and told her, "You're going to kill yourself or one of your kids."

The grim family drama is unfolding at the Los Angeles Superior Court, where Britney and her parents are being sued by her former manager for libel. The ex-manager also claimed he was never paid for his services.

Britney's dad said she was so out-of-control that she wound up in a psych ward, strapped to a gurney.

Her dad came to visit and thought to himself, "My daughter has lost everything. Here she is in a psychiatric ward, out of her head."

Legal expert Royal Oaks told INSIDE EDITION, "The father's emotional testimony may really help Britney Spears because, what he is going to say is, 'Yes, she had problems. We weren't a perfect family, but we were doing the best we could. In comes this manager who threw a monkey wrench into everything.'"

Jamie Spears said early in Britney’s career, she was like "A ray of light, humble and nice."

Britney is now on the comeback trail as a judge on The X-Factor.