Omarosa 911 Calls To Save Michael Clarke Duncan Released

The frantic 911 calls made my Omarosa to save her fiancé, Michael Clarke Duncan, have been released. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

The dramatic 911 call from reality TV star Omarosa as she made a heroic attempt to save her fiancé, actor Michael Clarke Duncan, after he suffered a massive heart attack has been released.

911 Operator asked, "Is he breathing?"

A tearful Omarosa said, "No."

Omarosa found the 54-year-old Duncan, best known for his Oscar®-nominated role as the gentle giant in The Green Mile, unresponsive at his Los Angeles home around 2 a.m. on July 13th.

She performed CPR as the 911 operator instructed her on what to do.

Omarosa, who co-starred on Celebrity Apprentice, was secretly engaged to Duncan and they were planning a January wedding. She was photographed in tears when he died in September after nearly two months of heart treatment.

It's now clear Omarosa did everything she could to save "the love of her life."