Michael Strahan Proves His Success As Kelly Ripa's Co-Host

Michael Strahan says he’s not surprised some were dismayed when he was picked to replace TV legend Regis Philbin, but he just might be winning them over now. INSIDE EDITION has the story. 

He silenced the doubters and Live co-host, Michael Strahan, knows it.

"I feel invigorated,” he said.

The hulking former pro football player, concedes he seemed like an odd choice to take over legendary Regis Philbin’s place alongside petite, Kelly Ripa.

"I'm a black man, and heres this cute white lady," said Strahan.

The revealing interview with Strahan airs Wednesday night on HBO's Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel.

"I think when I said 'Boy I'm big and she's small, they went 'hmm, interesting.' I am an athlete and I'm not known for pop culture. I think all those things made them go 'Wow this is something different.'"

The decision to pick Strahan as Ripa’s new co-host, rather than other candidates, now seems like a stroke of genius. Ratings are up 3%, and Live with Kelly and Michael is the No. 2 rated talk show, behind Dr. Phil.

In the HBO interview, Strahan also talks about his split from ex-wife Jean, reviving memories of those lurid headlines from their bruising divorce in 2006.

Strahan tells HBO that the worst of it was quote "Reading all these things in the paper that aren't true. I'm not an adulterer. I'm not gay. I didn't beat anybody. I just kept on being myself and it worked."

Strahan is now looking forward to his marriage to Eddie Murphy's ex-wife, Nicole.

A wedding in the works, a hit TV show under his belt...touchdown!