Are Fashion Designers Giving Ann Romney The Cold Shoulder?

Fashion insiders say that designers are giving Ann Romney the cold shoulder on the campaign trail, while Michelle Obama remains the fashion darling. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

First lady Michelle Obama is getting high marks for her fashion choice at the final debate. But she actually wore the grey and black lace dress just one month ago at the Democratic National Convention.  

Even though she recycled something from her closet, the first lady has all the fashion choices in the world. After all, she is the darling of the fashion world. But many are saying things aren't so easy for Ann Romney.

Designers aren't exactly clamoring to dress her. In fact, blares, "Why The Fashion Industry Wrongly Snubs Ann Romney."

Ashley Lutz is a reporter for the site and spoke to INSIDE EDITION. 

"The fashion industry does tend to lean left. The vast majority of campaign contributions from the fashion industry went to President Obama. So, Ann Romney sort of faces an uphill battle in being recognized by anyone in the fashion industry," said Lutz.

After Michelle Obama wore a dress by Tracy Reese to deliver her speech at the Democratic National Convention, the designer immediately tweeted: "We are all so grateful and honored to have dressed Mrs. Obama for such a momentous speech!!"

But, after Ann Romney wore an Oscar de la Renta dress, there was not a peep from the designer. And get this, when Ann wore a Diane von Furstenberg geometric print wrap dress, a spokesperson for the designer said in a statement, "We're actually not quite sure how Ann obtained the dress."

Lutz says, no designer wants to cross Vogue's powerful Editor-in-Chief, Anna Wintour, and a leading Obama supporter.

"Anna Wintour is the most powerful woman in fashion. So, if you get on her bad side, that could mean very bad things for your brand," said Lutz.

You'll recall that Wintour co-hosted a major Obama fundraiser earlier this year.

At Monday night's final debate, Ann Romney wore a silk green top and matching floral skirt. A look that called "A little frumpy."  But Mrs. Romney probably isn't too worried.

Lutz said, "Ann Romney has a really great fashion sense. She got really high marks for the red dress she wore for her speech at the RNC."