Boy Saves Grandma From Inferno

INSIDE EDITION talks to the 12-year-old boy being hailed a hero for pulling his grandmother out of their burning home after it exploded from a propane leak.

12-year-old Seth Cutright was caught inside a burning house and made it out a hero. It was no ordinary blaze, his grandmother had been smoking a cigarette in her upstairs bedroom, and accidentally ignited a leaking propane heater at their home in Oregon.

Neighbors called 911.

"We have an explosion, fire, and injuries. I just heard, 'Boom!' And there was some screaming!” said one neighbor the 911 operator.

And in the midst of the inferno, young Seth performed a downright miracle. Right after the explosion, Seth literally grabbed his grandmother, threw her over his shoulder and ran down the stairs to safety in a matter of seconds.

Seth's face and hands were scorched by his heroic actions.

INSIDE EDITION’s Jim Moret asked Seth, "Were you afraid?"

Seth said, "I didn't have time to think."

The grandmother also suffered burns and was in serious condition, but is expected to recover.

Seth’s mom, Julia, told INSIDE EDITION, "He saved his grandma's life. She wouldn't be here if not for him."

Seth and Moret visited the charred wreckage he used to call home.

Moret asked, "Do you feel sad to see this?"

Seth said, "Yeah."

The local fire department honored Seth by dressing him up in full firefighting gear. This brave 12-year-old will always be remembered for his unselfish heroism in the midst of this life-threatening inferno.

"Do you feel like a hero?” asked Moret.

Seth proudly responded, “Yes.”

A fund is set up to help with medical expenses and also loss of property since the family didn’t have renter's insurance. If you would like to help, just visit any US Bank and ask about donating to the Cutright Family Relief Fund.