Taylor Swift And Conor Kennedy Break Up

It’s over for Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy, who has called it quits and INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

Taylor Swift and her Kennedy boyfriend, Conor Kennedy, have broken up.

That's right, it's splitsville for the glamourous young couple according to US Weekly magazine.

US Weekly writer Jennifer Peros told INSIDE EDITION, "We are hearing that distance just kept them apart. She's 22 years old. Conor is a Senior at Deerfield Academy. He's only 18. This is just a perfect story of two people living completely opposite lives."

Swift had already broken up with Kennedy when she dodged the question three days ago on Good Morning America when George Stephanopoulos asked, "If you were to write a song about your love life right now, would it be a happy song? A sad song?"

"I don't really talk about my love life," said Swift.

Just last week, Kennedy went solo to the premiere of a new documentary about the life of Kennedy family matriarch Ethel Kennedy. Swift was nowhere in sight.

Swift had been a fixture at the Kennedy compound in Hyannis Port this summer and she even bought a mansion right next door. She admits to being enamored with the Kennedys, and the feeling was mutual.

Ethel Kennedy said in an interview over the summer, "I don't think of her as the rock star she is. I just think of what a lovely person, how wonderful and how lucky we are to know her."

Today on Ellen, Taylor refused to say which of her previous boyfriends who include Jake Gyllenhaal, John Mayer, Joe Jonas and Taylor Lautner, she wrote her hit breakup song about.

"People go and make guesses about it, and the only things that I have is that one card," said Swift.

The question now is whether Taylor will one day write a blistering song about young Conor Kennedy.

Peros said, "In true Taylor Swift fashion, I definitely think we're going to be hearing about Conor Kennedy again. She definitely is known for writing about her ex-boyfriends and making them into huge hits."