Melrose Place Star Accused of Aggravated Manslaughter

She once starred in Melrose Place, and now on trial for manslaughter charges in the death of a woman while allegedly driving drunk. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

A heartbreaking moment occurred in court as Fred Seeman broke down while recalling how his wife was killed by a drunk driver, and it wasn't just any driver. It was Amy Locane, a onetime TV star best known for her role in the Melrose Place TV series.

She also appeared in the films School Ties and Cry Baby with Johnny Depp. Now, her real-life role is a defendant accused of aggravated manslaughter in a drunk-driving tragedy.

Seeman and his wife, Helene, were pulling into the driveway of their New Jersey home when the car driven by Locane slammed into them, injuring Seeman and killing his wife of 38 years.

The accident happened two years ago. Now, Seeman is having his day in court with Locane just a few feet away. He tearfully recalled what happened when rescuers reached the scene.

“I asked the workers when they first got to me, 'Take care of my wife, take care of my wife,’” said Seeman. "I said, ‘Is my wife okay?' They knew she wasn't okay.”

Locane, now 40-years-old, admits she was legally drunk that night. But she says the accident was not her fault because she was distracted by another driver who was chasing her just before she struck the Seemans.

Locane had no comment for INSIDE EDITION.

If convicted, Locane faces up to 30 years in prison, a scenario nobody could ever have imagined during her days on Melrose Place.