Monster Storm Hurricane Sandy Batters East Coast

A storm of epic proportions, Hurricane Sandy hammers the East Coast with over 50 million people vulnerable to potentially devastating effects. INSIDE EDITION reports from the streets of New York as the storm bears down.

America's greatest city, New York, is a ghost town.

The crossroads of the world, Times Square, is all but deserted.

The subways are eerily empty and silent.

And even iconic Grand Central Terminal is shuttered, but it's doors were opened for INSIDE EDITION's Deborah Norville.

"Ordinarily, 750,000 people pass through these halls, but today it's a ghost town. The departure board is empty. Every single table, is empty," said Norville.

The city that never sleeps is closed for the day, and night.

INSIDE EDITION's Lisa Guerrero was at the southern tip of Manhattan where the streets are deserted and the New York Stock Exchange was closed for the day.

Hurricane Sandy is effecting 50 to 60 million people in 14 states. The Frankenstorm is sending powerful surges into towns and cities along the Atlantic Seaboard.

One house in North Carolina was literally torn in half as it was swallowed by the ocean.

Atlantic City, New Jersey, is taking a direct hit. INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd is there where the rain is pouding down and the flood waters are rising quickly. The real danger is the ocean on one side, and the bay on the other side that could swallow parts of the Jersey Shore.

It was a bumpy scene aboard a Disney cruise ship caught by Sandy. Water spilled out of the pool as the ship was buffeted from side to side.

Reporters braved the storm as Sandy powered ashore.

An ABC News reporter said, "Imagine a four-to-eight-foot high wave and a 10-to-20 foot high wall of water."

Another reporter said, "What you are seeing behind me are huge massive walls of waves.”

And this is just the beginning.